Underhand Marketing from Fratelli's Cambuslang

Underhand Marketing and Advertising

Last week we put a post up on Social Media that a Cambuslang Italian 'restaurant' (who has only changed hands from the original owners early this year) were using The Bistro Rutherglen in a 'click bait' advertising campaign. We hoped to resolve this without 'Naming and Shaming' but all avenues have been exhausted and the Owner of Fratelli's in Cambuslang has refused to remove the advert citing 'that you don't even have evidence' of it.

As you can see ... we definitely have evidence and he continues to run the ad campaign anyway.

We hope that by resorting to this (rather unsavoury) course of action that the owner of said restaurant will take down the offending advert(s). In the mean time we continue to do what we are good at... delivering great food and customer service.

There is only ONE 'The Bistro Rutherglen'. : )

As you can see, from both a PC search and a Mobile search, the heading is using the terms 'The Bistro Rutherglen' but th groupon (we have never done groupon) link opens up the Groupn page for Fratelli's as you can see in the image above.

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