SCOTLAND IN AUTUMN – Great Ingredients

SCOTLAND IN AUTUMN – Great Ingredients

With the darker evenings 'fair drawin' in' and the weather getting ever colder (although yesterday was unnervingly warm), there is no denying that autumn has arrived, Derek takes a look at what ingredients are in season.

Even though we have to suffer cold, wet weather and longer nights, autumn brings with it some of the most delicious produce that is sure to entertain your taste buds. 

What are the main types of meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables to look out for this season? At the Bistro we love using the best in seasonal Scottish produce. Here is a small selection of what's in at the moment. Get yourself along to the Bistro Rutherglen and savour some of them. #GreatFamilyFood

Everyone (surely) loves most of Scotland's range of hearty root vegetables?!  From pumpkin, parsnips and turnips to Sweet Potatoes and Carrots these fantastic ingredients can be enjoyed as a vegetable bake or simply whizzed up into a warming soup. We like to present all of our vegetables separately with lashings of butter. Ask us for the 'healthy' option... don't be offended if we try and convince you otherwise though : ) Our House-Made Steak pie is a must.
Some lovely greens also make an appearance at this time of year, with iron-rich kale being trendy, ask for some extra with our Lamb Casserole ... slow cooked with all the various root vegetables mentioned above. 

Fish & Seafood
Rich, meaty fish and seafood are a great addition to any dinner table this year with Seabass and King Prawns (Gamberone) being a firm favourite at the Bistro. Ask for our Filetto Di Spigola... Fillet of sea bass wrapped in a foil bag with rosemary, lemon,  white wine, butter and garlic. Delicious.

Meat & Game  
Duck, grouse and pheasant all readily available around Scotland are incredibly popular in the Autumn. This season also marks the start of the red deer hind and roe deer doe season making venison the perfect luxurious, smooth meat ideal for any Autumnal dish. 
We suggest, however, that you opt for our Beef Stroganoff... Strips of prime Aberdeen Angus beef, tossed in a brandy and mushroom cream sauce,  served with rice and autumnal root vegetables.

What To Drink? 
I'll keep this simple. An excellent Malt Whisky... at the very least go for a nice Scotch Whisky Blend. You can thank me later. : )

Scotland has an incredible collection of Scottish Seasonal produce to offer whether it's eating at The Bistro ... or cooking at home... make the most of it.

See you soon. #GreatFamilyFood

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